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“The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.”

 Pablo Picasso

~ Services Available ~


* I am always on the look out for good       quality furniture pieces and vintage         home decor to sell or keep.

* Here is my present inventory that is       available to purchase. This includes         finished pieces and unfinished pieces     that can be customized for your home.

* Not seeing what you are looking for?       Contact Me to assist you in locating         that item. 


Canva Notification About Custom Work.png
Custom Painting


*If you are interested in receiving a          quote from me, please fill out my 


*I only use the finest paints & stains

  on all my projects.

* I primarily hand paint

   my furniture & in home projects,

   using the best paint brushes.

* A free in home consultation or

   virtual meeting is offered to each             potential client .

* I also offer in home painting of 

   brick fireplaces; wood floors; wall             paneling; and small cabinet                     projects in laundry rooms,                       bathrooms, and cottages.

A video of my recent workshop is up now
Workshop Instructor


* I offer workshops to those interested       in learning the basics of painting             furniture with mineral based paint.

* I offer one on one instruction or             small group workshops.

*I assist you through the entire                 process of finishing one small                 project to take home.  

 *Next workshop is ??? (on hold)

 *Virtual workshop is also an option. 


 *Contact me if you would like more           information! 


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